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Our Facilitators

Christine Diaz, heartful connector


Christine's family connected with HGEC through classes, such as HMNS, Nature Discovery Center, and Mindfulness, for the past few years. 


Her solid presence and calming spirit bring ease and joy to every interaction.  Through HGEC closure during Covid-19, her weekly contribution helped the community stay grounded during the months of uncertainty.

Her passion for social justice work brings an energy of compassionate action to those around her.  

Terri Shirshac, lifelong learner


Terri has been with HGEC since its inception, along with her two children, who have been homeschooled exclusively. She thrives on the energy and curiosity of children and works to instill a sense of wonder and fun in learning.

Terri earned a B.S. in Natural Resources Management from the University of Connecticut, took graduate level courses in forestry and ecology at the University of Minnesota, and worked as a field biologist and laboratory technician in Tennessee, Australia, Florida, and Panama.

Terri loves science, reading, math, travel, being active out in nature, learning new things, and being in community. She is happy to host offerings on biology, botany, geography, math, art history, current events, poetry and more, depending on children's interests.

Sabrina Sharma Mahmood, community builder/ seeker


Sabrina founded HGEC to support her children with their intention to explore and learn in casual community, rather than traditional "schooling." Balancing research and intuition she enjoys supporting young people's authentic selves.

Her formal education was from Texas A&M (Bachelor's of Environmental Design) and University of Houston (Master's of Construction Management).  At the pinnacle of her construction management career she managed a 34-story, 110 million dollar project, yet found being a parent to Kinza and Aliza gives her the greatest joy and meaning.  She credits her mother, children and husband as her greatest mindfulness and NVC teachers. 


Sabrina was born in India and moved to the US in 6th grade, landing in Ann Arbor.  Relocating to Houston in 10th grade as her Parents chased Research Grants across the US, she identifies with the randomness of life.  Ultimately she believes the compass of life is one's character rather than the content of formal education. 


Creative Writing with Marcia

Some of Our Guest Facilitators 
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Facilities Management


Built Art with Washington


Fitness with Amanda

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Theater with Ensemble Music


Theater with Whitney


Sewing with Monica

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