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We are hiring

Vital Considerations

1. Attitude towards youth
2. Level of adultism
3. Thoughts on education
4. Communication style
5. Content you'll share


In-house Facilitator

HGEC provides a liberating environment where personal growth, social responsibility, and community thrive through individual interests, intentional culture, and conscious communication. We are currently hiring facilitators to work with learners aged 8-17. Facilitators will serve as models, space-holders, and mentors, while promoting self-directed living and intentional culture creation. The ideal candidates should trust children, value partnership-based relationships, and emphasize personal responsibility.


We are an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit. If you see yourself as a good fit as a guest facilitator, please reach out to Sabrina (713) 231-3430. We would love to explore our mutual fit and are grateful for your interest in contributing your resources to our collective. with gratitude, sabrina

Guest Facilitators

HGEC holds an environment that values youth rights, Please fully familiarize yourself with the Welcome and Hiring pages of our website. Some excerpts below:

Youth & Young Adults

HGEC supports young entrepreneurs with interest and drive to share their passions with our collective. Please read through our website and description of Guest Facilitators above. We can offer compensation between $15/hr to $25/hr depending on our need and your expertise. Please submit information to or call at (713) 231-3430.

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