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Winter 2021: In-person Tweens & Teens (8-15yrs)*

January 4 - March 17

continuing to work the interests expressed last term...

2021 Fall Interests.JPG
Winter 2022 Schedule
Winter 2022 Schedule End

Are your needs met by available forms of schooling: traditional, alternative, curriculum schooling at home, or unschooling? 

If so, we are truly happy you found your tribe and rhythm. 


On the other hand...Is your tween longing for an in-person peer connection?  Would you, or they, also enjoy exploring some interest-based content?  If so, consider joining our part-time community for connection and cooperative learning in a compassionately-minded, self-directed environment.


We are a hybrid of Agile Learning Centers and Liberated Learners models.


Please contact us if we resonate with you.

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