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Summer 2022: In-person Tweens & Teens (~10-16yrs)*

June 8 - July 8

  • We offer a 3-day program: Tuesday - Thursday.

  • Self-Directed Exploration with unscheduled time and planned offerings. 

  • Time: 10 am - 3 pm 

  • Single or multiple-day options are available to meet your budget or for other lifestyle considerations. 

  • Program Limited to 15 Interested & Curious Explorers


This program is modeled after

Liberated Learners' Northstar and Agile Learning Centers


*age is a guide and can be misleading.  We are looking for a degree of maturity that is needed for navigating a Self-Directed Education setting with pro-social behavior.

Fees range...

Please contact us for information on the requested contribution and its purpose/ support.


Our COVID-19 requirements:

  • Outdoor Masks are not Required when physical distancing from Others

  • Indoor spaces: Masks are required

  • If you feel even slightly unwell, please stay home!  We're a small community and hope to stay open through the few weeks of Summer without interruption.

The in-person program is held in generous outdoor and

indoor spaces.

Is your tween longing for an in-person peer connection and self-directed experiences in an authentic community?  Would they enjoy exploring interests with peers?  If so, consider joining our part-time community for connection and cooperative learning in a compassionately-minded, self-directed environment.
We are a hybrid of Agile Learning Centers and Liberated Learners models.
Please contact us if we resonate with you.

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