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Spring 2022: In-person Tweens & Teens (8-16yrs)*

April 4 - May 26

  • We offer a 3-day program: Tuesday - Thursday.

  • Self-Directed Exploration with unscheduled time and planned offerings. 

  • Time: 10 am - 3 pm (9 am drop-off possible for self-managed older tweens and early teens) 

Single or multiple days options are available to meet your budget or for other lifestyle considerations. 

This program is modeled after

Liberated Learners' Northstar and Agile Learning Centers

  • Program Limited to 15 Interested & Curious Explorers

(*Younger siblings, 8+ yrs. old welcome, if space available)

Fees range...

Please contact us for information on the requested contribution and its purpose/ support.


Our COVID-19 requirements: to be updated April 2, 2022

Our previous requirements:

  • Outdoor Masks are Not Required when physical distancing from Others

  • Indoor spaces: Masks are required along with physical distancing

  • If you possibly feel unwell, Please Stay Home!

The in-person program is held in generous outdoor and

indoor spaces. 

Masks are required indoors at all times.


We are requesting all families participating in large-scale events (weddings, professional stadium games, airport travel, etc.)

wait 7 days after such an event to join us on-site again.

Is your tween longing for an in-person peer connection and self-directed experiences in an authentic community?  Would they enjoy exploring interests with peers?  If so, consider joining our part-time community for connection and cooperative learning in a compassionately-minded, self-directed environment.
We are a hybrid of Agile Learning Centers and Liberated Learners models.
Please contact us if we resonate with you.

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