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Models of Alternate to Schools available in Houston:

Democratic schools: Read more about democratic schools here.  The first democratic school is credited as Summerhill, founded a100 years ago in 1921. 

Democratic (free) Schools: Houston Sudbury School,  Founded in 2016.  
Other models with a kinder dynamic between adult facilitator and learner-centric than traditional education:
Agile Learning Center tools used at Holistic Global Education Center (resource container), founded in 2019.  
Acton Academy based: Talent UnboundTalent Unbound, an Acton Academy model, opened its doors in the Houston Galleria in 2014 (now only in the suburbs of Champions Forest & Katy).
Private schools: More traditional adult/ student structure, but on the softer side of "schooling"
Reggio Emilio based: The W.I.D.E. School
(Reggio Emilio Alliance)
Waldorf based: Bayou Village School
(Association of Waldorf Schools of North America
Montessori school that stands out:
Post Oak 
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