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Fall 2019 Family Memberships for Facilitating Families

Our first concern is having a beneficial culture fit between families in our learning circle. We offer facilitation by our existing families the first month, to ensure mutual fit and understanding of the type of modules and facilitation that are held at HGEC.  During planning phase the facilitating group decides on the timing, method and process of how to split the costs for guest facilitators and any associated material costs for various modules through the semester.  This membership model has no lump sum dues.   Families provide payment as the modules are scheduled and as needed to secure external commitments.


Fall 2019 Membership Dues* for Non-Facilitating** Families

Our first concern is having a beneficial culture fit between families in our learning circle. Then we offer a complementary 1-month trial to ensure this mutual fit.  Thereafter, $1,000 membership dues are payable for the T/Th. Fall 2019 semester.

1. *Please see HGEC Founder if cost is a hindrance to your participation.  Family memberships cover 2-learners (aged 7+) per family.

2.*”Non-facilitating” is where the parent does not facilitate due to variety of reasons, including caring for their young children, work schedules, or other life happenings.


Family Membership for Facilitating and Non-Facilitating Families includes:

  • Facility Access & Spaces: Full Kitchen, Community Garden, Woodshop, Fine Arts Studio, Community hangout space, Library Nook, (we’re open to other ideas)...

  • Onsite access 3d/week (T/Th: 9:30am-3:00pm; Friday: 10:00am-2:00pm)

  • Invitations to other organized group events around Houston: HMNS -Wednesdays, Zoo, NDC-Mondays, Blackwood Farm-Mondays, MFAH, Hunter Dance or The Artz for Aerial classes, McCheeks studio for pottery, etc. (cost of program to be paid directly to the organization providing the service).

  • Guest Programs (once/ month program fee is included; if there are additional programs, cost of program would be split between families interested in the program). 

Family Membership does not include:

  • Paid Guest Programs with a frequency greater than once/month.

  • Materials for facility use listed above.  Example: basic woodshop tools would be available, however wood must be purchased by the participant; and, as an example, the art studio space and easel would be available, however paint and canvas must be purchased and brought to the facility by the participant.

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