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Resources to learn about Liberated Learners model:

following resources listed in The Teacher Liberation Handbook by Joel Hammon

North Star community of learners: If you choose to leave school, you can go to college, find meaningful work, fulfill your dreams and have a great life.  Together we envision and map a personal educational approach. The academic plan is based on the teen’s interests while also fulfilling the family’s needs. North Star facilitates this process through discussion and recommendations based on nearly two decades of experience.





Princeton Learning Cooperative: There are many roads to a meaningful and successful life...Princeton Learning Cooperative is a path to college, career, entrepreneurship, travel

Grown Unschoolers’ Evaluations of Their Unschooling Experiences: Report I on a Survey of 75 Unschooled Adults

Grown Unschoolers’ Experiences with Higher Education and Employment: Report II on a Survey of 75 Unschooled Adults

Exploring Academic Outcomes of Homeschooled Students

A Survey of Grown Unschoolers I: Overview of Findings: Commentary from Peter Gray

Survey of Grown Unschoolers II: Going on to College: Commentary from Peter Gray

Survey of Grown Unschoolers III: Pursuing Careers: Commentary from Peter Gray

Reflections on a Decade of Changes in Homeschooling and the Homeschooled Into Higher Education

The Impact of Schooling on Academic Achievement: Evidence From Homeschooled and Traditionally Schooled Students

Homeschooling and the Question of Socialization Revisited

Blake Boles of Unschool Adventures Podcasts


Ken Danford, North Star

Joel Hammon, PLC

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