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2023 Our 5th Year
Central Houston, Third Ward, 77004


Interest-based learning community

for self-determined youth from 
middle school to college

Upholding Youth-Rights & Choices

We lift up and center inquiries and interest from families historically marginalized or have suffered from the burden of cultural norms imposed by dominant systems. 


We encourage BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Immigrants, and multi-national folks to join our vibrant and colorful community and enrich our collective with a mutually expansive relationship of heart & mind.


Why we exist

We support youth members as they navigate their tween and teen years on the path less traveled, an unconventional and individualized journey.  Not subscribing to conventional schooling norms, our community members work independently and interdependently while pursuing experiences that they find interesting or have some general curiosity about.

What's in a name?

Holistic Global Education Center is a curated name chosen specifically to orient the compass of our collective to be, know, learn, and live fully.

Who we are (Values)

HGEC Culture Image.heic

What we do

HGEC provides a consistent, mixed-age space to navigate oneself in relation to others often leading to friendships, and it serves as a free-will environment to pursue interest-based offerings led by facilitators and peers.  Offerings are planned and emergent, structured and organic.  Some peer offerings have been: dance, vocal, coding, and baking.  As HGEC teen population grows we are beginning to offer offsite mentor meetings and transcript/ portfolio building for those wanting to record experiences leading to adulthood. 


Our program embraces both the Agile Learning Center and the Liberated Learner models for the educational journey and values of nonviolence to cultivate our humanity with and for each other.  

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How we do it

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We support Youth-Led, Interest-Based Learning, with a keen awareness of Youth Rights, Diversity, and Inclusivity in our community.  Our days are structured with two opening circles, offerings during the day (choice/voice-based), lunch, and a closing circle to share reflections and gratitude.  Some offerings are by in-house facilitators, including Youth members, and others are facilitated by Subject Matter Experts (SME), i.e. Theater, Creative Writing, Fitness, etc.


We are fortunate to have many guest facilitators share their expertise with HGEC!  Some of our 2022 adult facilitators are noted here.


Boundaries to Cultivate Community

Our structure allows for folks to join us either for 6, 12 or 18 hours per week, Tuesdays-Thursdays.  The experience of these hours together is held sacred by our families, as these large-scale consistent gatherings of young people, enjoying youth rights, are not available elsewhere in our sphere of influence.

Our primary purpose in connecting is for youth to orient towards self-determined engagement in a community.  To support the conditions most conducive to in-person interconnectedness in our community, we discourage the use of personal electronic devices while at HGEC. 


As an organization, HGEC chooses not to engage in the broad spectrum of value systems around "screen time" and stays away from the good vs. evil dialogue of social media.  Individually, we continuously support families navigating their own sweet spot when not at HGEC through parent meetings and curious conversations.


The adjacent image reflects the latest inquiry into how HGEC members are engaging with their personal devices onsite.

HGEC Tech Use Inquiry.JPG

Akilah is called to be among the many who contribute to the collective walk toward ways of living with children that center community, address civil rights issues, and believe in trusting and respecting children.

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 8.48.37 AM.png


Our year is based on quarters with a noticable season break at each quarter to slow down the pace of life, enjoy a shift from routine, travel, and connect with self and others.



January - March

Mustard Flowers


March - June

Summer Dip


June - July



September - December

What does it cost?

We are committed to global representation, diversity, inclusivity, including historically marginalized or under-represented folks in SDE settings. 


Our requested contribution is $60/day (equal to $10/hr.).  

The financial contribution should reflect your value of our program, and fit in your overall family financial budget.  Inclusion in HGEC Community should not result in hardship that adversely impacts your mind or body wellness.  

We will endeavor to meet you at the intersection of tending to both our needs on this journey!

What makes our 501(c)(3) program sustainable?

  • Open, kind, curious, collaborative and non-judgmental communication with Parents.

  • Member families financial contributions.

  • Amazing facilitators and their willingness to work with our budget!

  • Synergestic, founding parent-member, partnership of 4+ years with HGEC Science expert, Facilitator, Parent and Friend, Terri Shirshac.

  • No overhead cost for the beautiful home, utilities, capital repairs or improvements, and grounds.

  • Full-time (40+ hours/week) work commitment by Founder, Board Member, Organizer, Facilitator and Parent, Sabrina, at no cost to HGEC (2019-2022).

  • Donations or Borrowed Equipment:

    • Table Tennis table: Thank you, to current member family Diaz-Anderson! 

    • Microscopes, some floor mats and ballet bar: Thanks to Houston Sudbury School!

  • VELA Grant Funding: for Commons Improvements for a robust environment for current & new families and the ability to hire an in-house facilitator for youngers program and support families requesting fee reductions.

What does the financial contribution provide?

  • Access to a committed community of homeschooling families with tweens/ teens.

  • Subject Matter Expert Facilitators!

  • Most materials and supplies for exploration and creative endeavors.

  • Offsite group mentor options for Teens. The same offer is made to Tweens.

  • In-house Facilitator(s).

  • Youth Members 16+ leading offerings are paid by HGEC.

  • Working together for site visits to local High Schools and Houston Community College.

  • Parent group support during the Teen years for Transcript & Portfolio construction, including the entry process into community college.

  • Social Emotional Learning that emerges from kind & intentional dialogue around conflict and challenges of being in a community.

  • Access to 501(c)(3) non-profit educational resources, like TechSoup, Canva, etc.

Finally...the paperwork

Details and Mechanics

Days & Times

Tuesdays: 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Wednesdays: 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Thursdays: 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

  • Early drop-off or late pick-up is dependent on the self-direction and equally important self-regulation of the individual member, as we do not provide adult "supervision," though an adult will be on-premises.

Documents for Review

  1. Member Agreement: To be signed by Youth.  If they are hesitant or in conflict with one or more of the items, please indicate that so we can talk about it.

  2. About Us: Guts of HGEC

Complete Annual Registration for Drop-Off, prior to trial period or Joining HGEC as a member.

  1. Registration Form: Includes Indemnification

Annual Member Forms

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