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Employment & Internships

One great way to explore the world is through work and internships. You don't have to wait until you're a certain age or have formal credentials to enter the world of work.

Need some ideas to get started? Check out:

  • The Complete Guide to Making Money in Your Spare Time

  • Most people associate a gap year as the year between graduating high school and starting college, but when the world is your "school", there's no reason to put off till later what might be perfect to do now. Check out Middlebury College's collection of gap year resources.

  • Talk to your mentor about connecting with a local business in an area that you are interested to learn more about


Eligibility for working in Texas

Ages 14-17


Internship, Fellowship, Apprenticeship Opportunities

  • offers resources and search tools for exploring specific opportunities.

  • City Year Americorps (for ages 17-24, who have completed high school studies) is a national service program to unite young adults from diverse backgrounds for a demanding year of full-time community service, supporting students in urban school settings.

  • The Ripple Fellowship is a fully-funded immersive social entrepreneurship program for young adults, ages 18 – 24.

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