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General Tips

Visiting colleges

Collegewise guide to visiting colleges


Including grades for self-study courses on a transcript

Most homeschoolers will have many courses on a transcript which include various experiences and studies, but no graded tests, finals, or other types of work which can be used to calculate a final grade. When colleges request that a transcript include grades, we suggest using a more "informal grading rubric". This one developed by Lee Binz may be helpful to consider,

A = meets my high standards

B = pretty good job

C = disappointing, but we are moving on (from Spanish 1 to Spanish 2, for example)

If the study is wholly unsatisfactory in some way (you would give yourself a grade of D or F), we suggest changing how you are studying the topic, and if that doesn't work to improve things, perhaps discontinue the study and don't include it on your transcript


Tips for the college interview

Here are some common questions asked of homeschoolers in interviews with college admissions staff and college alumni:

  • Why did you choose homeschooling (without getting into why not school)?

  • How were your classes taught?

  • How was learning measured (tests?, papers?)

  • Besides attending HGEC, what other sorts of things do you do (hobbies, clubs, sports, part time jobs)?

  • Why are you interested to attend this college?

  • Why are you interested to attend this college next fall (and not at a later point)?

  • How do you know you are ready for a residential academic and social experience?

  • What's your favorite aspect of homeschooling?

  • What are you looking forward to most about college?

And sometimes these questions are asked of homeschoolers, so be ready:

  • What do you do for socialization?

  • Do you have friends?

And be prepared to ask the interviewer some questions. The interview process is also for the applicant to find out about the college.

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