a compassionate & inclusive co-learning community...

We provide a learner-centered, compassionate, and kind environment, for tweens and early teens integrating knowledge and self in the community of peers and society.  While cultivating social awareness of our times we nurture the seeds of humanity, remain observant, and practice open-hearted communication.  The learners, facilitators, and volunteers co-create the schedule of offerings. 
Our members are homeschooling families that prefer learning in a community, rather than independent academic pursuits.  The parents in our community have generally found our children to be more motivated to explore interests, engaging and exchanging energy and ideas with their peers.  And, we simply have not found success in our kids "learning" conventional things in conventional ways. 
We believe deep learning results from tending to their own joy, exploring interests, and following their passionate yearnings.

Our Values:

  • Children, Young Adults, and Adults have equal human rights in the community

  • Nurture our humanity with Mindfulness, respect, choice, voice, and kindness

  • Practice  Compassionate Communication to observe and examine conflict

  • Be intentional critical thinkers by using Socratic questioning


Our Goals:

  • Promote an explorer-centric, inspiring, choice-based environment

  • Facilitate experiential pathway for meaningful inquiry and growth

  • Expose holistic & globally applicable historic content to the group

  • Offer mentorship program spanning multiple years

If your explorer's educational and friendship needs are not met,

consider joining our part-time, in-person, community. 

We enjoy exploring globally relevant content and peer connection.


We lean towards Agile Learning Centers and Liberated Learners models.


Please contact us if we resonate with you.

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